Who’s the Murderer

1511491618247“Who’s the Murderer” is a Chinese web variety show that airs on Mango TV. The show scored an 8.7 out of 10 during season 1, a 8.9 during season 2, a 9.1 during season 3 and season 4 is starting with a 9.5, making it the most popular web show of China.

A murder takes place every episode and the 5 suspects need to find the culprit while trying to prove their innocence to the detective. Only the culprit can lie and only the detective can vote twice. The most voted suspect gets arrested. If the culprit get caught, everyone will receive one gold bar and the detective two. If the murderer escapes, the culprit can take all the gold bars away as prize. Can you find the murderer?


All characters and background of the cases are fictional, but related to each other. All the cases takes place in the same dimension. Some characters like the fictional boyband NZND appears in multiple cases and are often mentioned in other unrelated cases.

The show went viral in China through the case “Terrifying Nursery Rhyme” (S2 Case 07) after reaching 1,000,000,000 views halfway through season 2. “Terrifying Nursery Rhyme” is also known to be the scariest case till this day and was a 4 hour special that was split into two episodes.


“Who’s the Murderer” is the Chinese version of the Korean show “Crime Scene”, however over time, the show has become a lot different than the original one. Despite being a variety show, the Korean version focussed more on the mystery part while the Chinese version more on comedy, making it more light hearted. However, the Chinese show has a way bigger budget than the Korean version which made it possible to make the cases way more complicated and luxury than “Crime Scene”. The case of “Hotel Horrors” (S3 Case 01) took place at a 3000 square meters hotel which the production team worked 25 days on.