Irregular cast

Irregular cast members are usually players who once started out as guest player
who received great reaction of viewers
Da Zhangwei and Bai Jingting even became the main cast because of it
Irregular cast members usually replaces the position of one or more main cast members when there is a conflict in schedules or need in character

There’s usually atleast 1 to 3 guest members or irregular cast members in every case
Guest member are people who make an appearance to promote their work, make a special apperance as a friend of the main cast or to test out how great viewers receive them to be considered as irregular cast, since on this show, chemistry is everything

Irregular guest members who were once the main cast

Qiao Zhen Yu
Was introduced as the main cast in Season 1, but stepped out not long after due to his conflic in schedules

Da Zhangwei
Became the main cast halfway through season 1, but became an irregular guest afterwards

Guests who became an irregular cast member due to the great reaction of viewers

Zhang Ruoyun
Zhang Ruoyun made his first appearance in S1 case 5
But received extremely great reaction after his second appearance in S1 Case 8 due to his extremely great acting and sense of humour

Wei Daxun
Wei Daxun made his first appearance in S1 Case 6
His clever responses and savage comments was so much loved by viewers that gave him a position as irregular guest member in the second season
He’s also known as Bai Jingting’s best friend

Jackson Wang
Jackson made his first appearance in S1 Case 10
He made an appearance as a friend of He Jiong and Bai Jingting
His hilarious personality brough a lot of laugher through the case and gave him the position as irregular cast member in season 2

Yang Rong
Yang Rong made her first appearance in S2 Case 1
A lot of viewers praised her for how fast she got into her role and how well she mixed with the other cast members despite her first appearance
She became an irregular cast member in the same season starting from case 7

Wei Chen
Wei Chen made his first appearance in S2 Case 11
Despite appearing for the first time, he was really comfortable
and left a great impression by his hilarious jokes
He became a irregular cast member in S3

Liu Haoran
Liu Haoran made his first appearance in S1 Case 4
He received extremely great reactions due to his calm and smart reasonings that he was invited as an irregular cast member in season 2
However due to his conflict in schedules, he only managed to make a return on the show in season 4

Members who became an irregular cast, right from the beginning

Pan Yueming
Pan Yueming made his first appearance in S3 Case 6
Despite not being tested like other irregular cast members
He received great reaction of viewers in S3 Case 8
by his realistic and convincing acting
For some reason, season 3 was also the only season he participated in

Justin Huang
Justin was added to the list of irregular cast member of S3 without the viewer’s notice
He didn’t receive great reaction of viewers when it was announced since it was rumoured that he was added to attract viewers, but this changed fast after his first case (S3 Case 2) was aired
Justin received praises for his clear reasonings and also brough a lot of laugher by his fanboying,
since he revealed to be a huge fan of the show

Tan Songyun
Tan Songyun made his first appearance in S4 Case 3
Viewers was looking forward to her appearance
since she’s known to be great friends with Bai Jingting and Wei Daxun
However after the broadcast of the show, the viewers didn’t reacted well
Viewers found her awkward and lacking in reasoning
For a show that is about 30% comedy, 30% reasoning and 40% acting,
viewers found her not suitable for the show
However she started to receive huge critism after her response on Weibo about her appearance,
telling viewers to not watch the show if they didn’t like it,
It was rumoured that she’s added to the list by the pressure of her label,
since her label also invested in the show