Mini Drama

1. Make-up artist Lily
2. Vice-director Xiao Gao
3. Anti-fan Huahua
4. Delivery guy Xiao Zhao
5. Investor Zhao ge
6. Second lead Celebrity Jia
7. Driver Wang
8. Sasaeng fan Caocao
9. Director He


  1. Celebrity Gui showed sign of poisoning before the huge object fell on her
  2. Someone cut the rope before that caused the object to fall on her
  3. Lily mentions about that she hasn’t seen a fan named Yunyun lately, however Celebrity Gui doesn’t seems to remember her
  4. The anti-fan bump into the car of Celebrity Gui which also caused the driver to bump into another car
  5. The anti-fan threw a water balloon on Celebrity Gui and some of the liquit ended up in her mouth
  6. Celebrity Gui didn’t let Driver Wang check on the car that they bump into
  7. Driver Wang received a text during the accident
  8. Sasaeng Caocao put a ladder on the first floor and had tools with him
  9. Sasaeng Caocao put something in Celebrity Gui’s coffee
  10. Celebrity Gui threaten the investor with something in order to not let him delete more scene’s of her
  11. The investor gave Celebrity Gui chips which she ate
  12. Celebrity Jia looks down on Celebrity Gui and put lipstick on her
  13. Xiao Gao and Lily are in a relationship
  14. Xiao Gao put a needle in Celebrity Gui’s dress to take revenge
  15. The elevator can take 250kg, but the food car was too heavy that caused the delivery guy to take another elevator
  16. There are names on the lunch boxes
  17. The delivery guy took a day off that day, but appeared anyway and seems to be hiding something
  18. The ladder that was supposed to be on the first floor appeared on the second floor
  19. The food car was in the opposite direction than how the delivery guy put it in
  20. The plastic bag of the lunch box of Celebrity Gui was open when he took out the food car
  21. Celebrity Gui complained about having a stomach ache and blamed on the food
  22. The director has a phonecall with her boyfriend and seems to be fighting over Celebrity Gui. He told her that he would explain it, and she told him that it must be solved today
  23. Celebrity Gui doesn’t treat Lily well and cut her salary of this month, Lily didn’t receive her salary of last month either
  24. Lily’s stuttering is fake

Social Media and On-Site clues

  1. Gui’s make-up artist Lily put laxative (Causing diarrhea) in Gui’s coffee
  2. Sasaeng fan Caocao put a medicine that helps ease the nerves in Gui’s coffee
  3. There are a total of 2 dresses
  4. Celebrity Jia doesn’t have a tattoo on her wrist, but on her social media she does.
  5. Celebrity Gui and Top-Star Wei has a public relationship, but there is also an account from someone named Huahua, who seems to be his real girlfriend. She even posted it, but deleted again
  6. The driver Mr. Wang’s daughter passed away last month after trying Celebrity Gui’s diet method
  7. Driver Wang’s phonecase has the character 魂Soul which is a combination of Yun + Gui
  8. The pictures that Celebrity Gui threaten the investor with were intimate pictures of him and celebrity Jia
  9. The “text” the driver received was just a reminder that he shouldn’t forget his promise with her baby
  10. In the script that the director gave Lily has the schedule of every scene and celebrity. 5 people have a scene today. The second lead has more scenes than Gui
  11. The lunchboxes were half a kilo each. There is a total of 200 staff members.
  12. The food car 20 kg.
  13. The person who the director was calling was Top-Star Wei
  14. The lipstick of Celebrity Jia was not lipstick, however it’s not poison
  15. The poison “Hong Yan Guo Shui” was found in Driver Wang’s car. The poison will causes nails to become red.
  16. The food delivery guy has a twin
  17. The car that the driver bump into was the wife of the food delivery guy. She got a miscarriage through that which was also the reason why he took a day off.

Do you know who the the murderer is?