The Detective Dictionary

Applauding for Love (为爱股掌Wèi ài gǔ zhǎng)
Having s*x. The normal way of reffering this is to clap three times, since the sound of clapping sounds like this “Interaction” as how Detective Sa likes to call it.

Bright Light (明灯Míng dēng)
The nickname of Detective Sa. No matter how good his reasoning is, he will always vote for the wrong person as the detective. So whenever the players are hesitating between two players, they will usually vote for the suspect that Detective Sa didn’t choose. He’s the Bright Light that shines on the path of others.

Couple pairing or ship name. It doesn’t neccesary means that you ship the two people as a couple, but it can also mean that you love the chemistry of the two people together.

Doghead Detective (狗头侦探Gǒu tóu zhēn tàn)
The nickname of Detective Sa. Ou was the first one who called him that in S1E1. Doghead basically means good for nothing.

Double Bei (双北Shuāng běi)
Double Bei is the CP name of Detective Sa and Detective He. It stands for PKU (Peking/beijing University), the school Detective Sa graduated in and BFSU (Beijing Foreign Studies University) where Detective He used to teach Arabic.

In S2E12 the cast joked that they also could be called Six Bei. Huang Lei graduated from Beijing Film Academy, Bai Jingting comes from Beijing, Wei Daxun comes from Dongbei while Guigui comes from Taipei

Driving (car) (开车Kāi chē)
Talking about rated stuff

Evidence Dog (搜证犬Sōu zhèng quǎn)
The nickname of Detective Gui. Even though all the members often say that her brain is worth millions (because it’s never used), Gui is really good at finding the most important keys and evidence.

Green Tea B*tch(绿茶婊Lǜ chá biǎo)
This slang are used for gold diggers or girls who pretend to be innocent while in reality are really sly.

Hao (郝hǎo)
Hao is a normal Chinese surname. This surname is often used for fictional characters on the show. This is also a joke by the producers, since the pronounciation of that word is exactly the same as the word 好Hǎo which means so/good. So names like Proffesor Hao sounds like (A good professor), Ou Hao (So Oh). The show also use the surnames 甄Zhēn (Sounds like real/really) and 贾Jiǎ (Sounds like fake) a lot.

Headhole (脑洞Nǎo dòng)
It means that you’re thinking out of the box, that you’re creative or having a lot of fantasy. It’s a line that Detective Bai often says whenever he solved a mystery

I have a bad/good feeling about this (有一种不祥/吉祥的预感Yǒu yī zhǒng bù xiáng/jí xiáng de yùgǎn)
A song from the fictional boy group NZND. The cast members always sing it after a case has ended. It was sung for the first time in S1E3 that introduced the boy group. When Detective Bai sung it on the spin-off show Who’s the Keyman, viewers couldn’t help but laugh and say “Wrong show, Bai!”.

Jia (贾Jiǎ)
Jia is a normal Chinese surname. This surname is often used for fictional characters on the show. This is also a joke by the producers, since the pronounciation of that word is exactly the same as the word 假Jiǎ which means fake. So names like Boyfriend Jia sounds like (A fake boyfriend). The show also use the surnames 甄Zhēn (Sounds like real/really) and 郝hǎo (Sounds like so/good) a lot.

Jiasi Bisi Nisi/Fake fight, hound to death, Go die (假撕, 逼死, 你死Jiǎ Sī bī sǐ nǐ sǐ)
Just Business. The pronounciation of those words in Chinese makes it sound like the word Just Business, which is used time to time to describe business partners in the relation map of the suspects. Detective Sa came up with this term during S1E5.

King of Evidence (搜证王Sōu zhèng wáng)
The nickname of Detective He. He gave himself that nickname during the S1E5 after he found the most imporant evidence… even though he was the culprit of that case.

Mountain Flower (山花Shān huā)
The CP name of Detective Bai Jingting and Detective Wei Daxun. Daxun is a flower name while Jingting is the name of a mountain. The combination of the two became their CP name.

My lordy heaven (苍了天了Cāng le tiān le)
Detective Bai’s catchphrase. Fans of him knows that he often use a certain curse word that starts with a C. So especially in season 1, you could hear him holding the C extra long before he change it into My lordy heaven to prevent himself from cursing. This brough a lot of laugher to the viewers and since then have become his catchphrase on the show.

My part (我帕Wǒ pà)
Detective Gui’s catchphrase. My part is a Chinglish phrase that says “This is my moment to shine”. Even though our cute and clumsy detective admits that she isn’t the smartest of everyone, she is definitely not useless. She knows what she’s good at and knows how to make use of it as well. Whenever that time has arrived, she will use this phrase.

PoPo(魄魄Pò pò)
PoPo is the CP name of Detective Bai and Detective Gui. It’s a combination of their nickname towards each other. Detective Gui calls Detective Bai 白白Bái bái, while Detective Bai often ignores Detective Gui’s character name and just call her 鬼鬼guǐ guǐ. 白白+鬼鬼=魄魄.

Priceless Brain (价值连城Nǎo dai jià zhí lián chéng)
Even though Detective Gui is really good at finding stuff and has quite a great intuition when it comes to finding the culprit, she’s mostly known in the group for her clumsy, naive personality, late reactions and adorable mistakes. She often bumps into stuff, gets pranked by other members and often reads characters wrong. The fact that she comes from Taiwan (They use traditional Chinese instead of simplefied characters) doesn’t help her either. Detective Da said she has a priceless brain that’s worth yuan, since its never used before. Although it comes out a little mean, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s adored and spoiled by all the members of the cast.

ShaBaiTian/Foolish, White & Sweet (傻白甜Shǎ bái tián)
This is the pairing name of Detective Wei Daxun, Bai Jingting and Guigui. Wei Daxun often gets called the foolish son of a rich family, the translation of the surname Bai is White while the only lady of the three Detective’s Gui got the name Sweet. The three friends often gets paired up with each other and viewers has often said that every combination of the three is really funny and sweet. To the point that the fans has given a new CP name for the three of them.

Shandong Chicken (山东鸡Shān dōng jī)
Detective Bai’s Beijing accent comes out time by time and some words are more clear than the other. When Detective Bai said Killing Motive (杀人动机Shā rén dòng jī) during S1E7, Detective Gui misheard him and thought he said the dish Shandong Chicken. Since that day, people often hear Shandong Chicken every time Detective Bai says the words Killing Motive. A chicken also appears sometimes on the screen whenever he say those words.

Single For Life (注孤生Zhù gū shēng)
Detective Bai’s nickname on the show and also in real life. All women that’s related to Bai’s character ends up getting murdered, raped, sexually harassed etc. This caused him to always say “How am I supposed to find a girlfriend now?! Who wants to be with me?!”

In real life, Bai Jingting has that nickname as well, but for another reason. Not only has he never had a girlfriend before, fans often call him unromantic and hopeless. Fans even joked that he should just become gay if he continue act like this, however this stays a joke. Bai is just really shy and polite in front of girls and make sure to keep a distance towards girls he’s not interested in. He has often show his caring side in his own way, however this doesn’t stop fans to take every chance they can to tease him.

Smoking, drinking and having a perm (抽烟喝酒烫头Chōu yān hē jiǔ tàng tóu)
This line started as a joke by Detective Bai in S1E1. These are the hobbies of the Xiangsheng actor Yu Qian and is mostly used to fill in the hobbies of a characters or a sign of friendship when these hobbies were seen done together.

The Pan Carrier (背锅侠Bèi guō xiá)
The nickname of Detective Bai. Carrying the Black Pan (背黑锅Bēi hēi guō) means that you got framed or you’re taking the blame of someone else. It’s similar to scapegoat. Detective Bai got this nickname, because he always gets wronged by Detective Sa to be the murderer.

Wearing the Green Hat (戴绿帽子Dài lǜ mào zi)
It means that this person got cheated on by his girlfriend or boyfriend. This is why the song “Green Light” will be played whenever someone found out that his or her lover cheated on him/her.

Yellow (黄Huáng)
The color yellow in Chinese represents rated stuff. Yellow movies means porn, yellow pictures means dirty pictures etc.

Zhen (甄Zhēn)
Zhen is a normal Chinese surname. This surname is often used for fictional characters on the show. This is also a joke by the producers, since the pronounciation of that word is exactly the same as the word 真Zhēn which means real/really. So characters like Tyran Zhen (A real tyran), Co-pilot Zhen (A real co-pilot), Queen Zhen (A real queen) etc. The show also use the surnames 贾Jiǎ (Sounds like fake) and 郝hǎo (Sounds like so/good) a lot.